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NCA's policy on the protection of personal information

  1. Obtaining personal information:
    NCA will only obtain personal information through legitimate and fair methods and when business necessity requires.
  2. Reasons for the use of such information:
    NCA will use the personal information obtained to carry out services related to its cargo transportation operations, the administration of business related to those services and to respond to inquiries from customers. NCA will not use personal information for any other purposes.
  3. Protection of personal information:
    NCA uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, with NCA encrypting information sent via the Internet in order to protect the data (this system excludes parts of the data which is already disclosed).
  4. Providing personal information to a third party:
    NCA will only provide the personal information it retains to parties outside the company in the following cases:

    1. If the individual has provided consent.
    2. In the event NCA is legally required to provide such information.
    3. If required by the terms of a business contract when NCA out-sources its operations following the conclusion of a nondisclosure agreement.

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